For long time Thelazia callipaeda has been considered to be mainly distributed in the Russian Federation and the Far East (China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Myanmar, etc.) (Bhaibulaya et al., 1970; Hong et al., 1995; Kosin et al., 1989). However, this nematode infection has meanwhile also been detected in Europe (e.g., Italy (e.g., Otranto et al., 2003a; Rossi and Bertaglia, 1989), France (Dorchies et al., 2007), Switzerland (Schnyder et al, 2007, Malacrida et al., 2008).

T. californiensis has been reported only in the western USA (Dozie et al., 1996; Skrjabin et al., 1967).

Further information

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