About Stable Flies


General Morphology

Stomoxys are about 7-8 mm in length and generally grey in colour, with four longitudinal dark stripes on the thorax. For further details see Wall and Shearer (1997). The eggs are about 1mm in length and hatch in 5-10 days, depending on temperature. The saprophagous larvae pass through three stadia until they pupate. Each female lays up to 500 eggs in batches of 25-50. In warm weather the average life cycle (here for Stomoxys calcitrans) is 4 weeks, but it can vary from 3-7 weeks, depending on temperature.

Further information

  • Wall R, Shearer D: Adult flies (Diptera). In: Wall R, Shearer D (eds.): Veterinary Entomology. 1997, Chapman & Hall, London, pp 141-96

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