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The family Drosophilidae comprises two recognised subfamilies, Drosophilinae and Steganinae, which together represent about 3800 species commonly known as 'fruit flies'. Whereas members of the subfamily Drosophilinae feed and develop mostly on fruits and other vegetable matter (Bächli et al., 2004), flies belonging to the Steganinae subfamily display unusual feeding habits and their ecology is much less known. Phortica variegata as transmitter of larvae of the 'oriental eyeworm' is belonging into the subfamily Steganinae, genus Phortica.

Further information

  • Bächli G, Vilela CR, Andersson Escher S, et al.: The Drososphilidae (Diptera) of Fennoscandia and Denmark. Fauna Entomol Scan. 2004, Vol. 39, Brill, Leiden, pp 80-7

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