The CVBD World Forum Calendar

The Companion Vector-Borne Disease (CVBD®) World Forum is a working group of leading experts in natural sciences, veterinary and human medicine from around the world. Its goal is to exchange knowledge and findings about vector-borne diseases to increase awareness regarding specific regional risks and to foster effective preventative measures. These aims are now more important than ever as vector-borne diseases become more widespread and prevalent. This is driven by a changing climate and increasing movement of people and pets around the world. Rapidly shifting parasite and vector distributions mean that it is vital for veterinary and medical professionals to be armed with the latest data and evidence-based advice.

But how best to disseminate this information?

Excellent vector-borne disease information is available from the CVBD® World Forum and other parasite advice organisations around the world through websites, webinars and articles. This information can, however, be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to go to get more detailed information. And sometimes you just want to know if dinosaurs had fleas …

… welcome to the CVBD calendar!

This 2019 desktop calendar is designed for use in veterinary practice and is packed full of entertaining and insightful facts. CVBD members have collaborated to provide a pearl of wisdom with each calendar day. This may be a memorable snippet of information about a vector-borne disease to inform and share with clients, an entertaining historical fact or a link to further information and websites. In providing short and engaging information in an easily accessible way, we hope this calendar will be an entertaining, educational and meaningful tool for veterinarians.

Download calendar here!

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