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Each country in the world has its specific occurrence of CVBDs (Companion Vector Borne Diseases: diseases transmitted by parasites – also called vectors - such as ticks, flies, fleas, sand flies and mosquitoes), depending on climate and endemic vectors. Based on current scientific knowledge and feed-back from experts around the world, the CVBD Occurrence World Map presents the country-specific situation in an easy-to-grasp way. The map allocates each country to certain occurrence levels, as explained in the legend, by assessing how many different companion vector-borne diseases are known to be endemic. Within a country, the occurrence of a disease may vary. Single autochthonous cases may occur furthermore, but are not implemented into the map at the moment.

Scrolling brings you to a specific country, and clicking on one of the coloured countries opens a window, stating the reported diseases, their pathogens and vectors. In some cases, additional information is listed.

Clicking onto one of the buttons in the left-hand side legend allows an overview on the occurrence of a specific companion vector-borne disease worldwide.

Click onto continents for continent separated views
  • No documented
    occurrence found
  • Endemic occurrence
  • Occurrence not
    yet checked

    (no data on file)
  • No documented
    occurrence found
  • Low occurrence
    (1-2 endemic diseases)
  • Medium occurrence
    (3-6 endemic diseases)
  • High occurrence
    (>6 endemic diseases)
  • Occurrence not
    yet checked

Diseases Overview

Tick-borne diseases Anaplasmosis
Lyme Borreliosis
Tick-borne Encephalitis
Sand fly-borne disease Leishmaniosis
Heartworm Disease
Subcutaneous Dirofilariosis
Triatomine- and
Fly-borne diseases
Fleas, which are
vectors of various
diseases, are not shown
in the map because of their ubiquitary distribution. They are not included in the occurrence analysis.
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Copyright Bayer AG (North America: August 2012, Latin America: October 2013, Europe: February 2013, Asia Pacific: June 2017).

Bayer Animal Health

With scientific advice from the CVBD World Forum

The content of this map is based on current Pubmed listed articles, scientific abstracts, expert opinion and feed-back from local veterinarians. However, Bayer Animal Health does not take any responsibility for the presented data nor is any condition or warranty implied. Within a country, the risk for a disease may vary.